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True Minutes is a clean provider of prepaid international long distance service. Our goal is to provide users options that will help making calls easier and more affordable.

True Minutes Military has been developed to provide military service men and women affordable prepaid long distance service with access from anywhere in the world online.

Our Free offer is an alternative to help provide military personel options when reaching family and friends while on active duty. Our Goal is to provide you features that will help you access and budget your monthly long distance calls.

True Minutes Military is a call back service that utilizes the worldwide web to initiate a call to the location phone number you are currently located, then connecting you to the number you choose to speak with in the United States or international destination.

True Minutes Military is not an internet call service. True Minutes Military actually bridges your call based on the phone numbers you have entered. If you enter a cell phone number in Iraq / Afghanistan, the system will dial this number. The same applies for a land line number in each country. All you have to do is answer the call (There is a 5 - 7 second delay of silence once you have answered the phone) until your call is connected to the party you wish to reach.

Because all online calls originate in the United States it's important you enter your International Country Code along with the City Code when entering "YOUR NUMBER".

The same applies for your "CONNECT TO" number. If connecting to a United States number all you have to do is enter the Area Code followed by the Phone Number you are connecting to. If you are connecting to an international number enter your International Country Code along with the City Code when entering "CONNECT TO".

Family members in the United States can also share your account by using the USA Access Instructions located on the back of your free offer. 1 account for your family to save and budget your monthly long distance needs.

True Minutes Military has No Connection Fee, No Expiration Date, 1 Minute Rounding.

True Minutes will offer all Military Personnel a 10% Bonus when recharging your account online.

On behalf of True Minutes we thank you all for the sacrifice
you make so that all can live safer lives!

No Fees     No Expiration     1 Minute Rounding     Share Account with Family Member in the USA     Auto Recharge Feature

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